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[07 Jun 2009|05:36pm]

This is relevant in one of those fun, roundabout ways.

My boyfriend and two friends doing a cover of Volcano, because I love Damien Rice and made him learn this for me. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it, too.

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Flying Solo - article from The Irish Times about Lisa [31 Aug 2008|03:48am]

Lisa Hannigan had gotten comfortable touring and recording with Damien Rice.  But a nudge out of the nest gave her the impetus she needed to record her own debut album.  She talks thrills and trepidation with Jim Carroll on the eve of her appearance at this weekend's Electric Picnic.

IT'S A sticky night in Dundalk. Real monsoon weather. All the windows in the Spirit Store are open in an attempt to get some air circulating, but the only thing going round the packed tiny room and down the stairs to the front bar is a buzz of expectation. People are curious about the singer, the one who has yet to release a note of music and who hasn't yet even played two dozen shows under her own name.

Tonight, Lisa Hannigan is selling her wares. She's been doing this all summer long, taking a bunch of freshly baked songs and a band of sharply suited players around the country to small, squishy rooms like this. She has dealt with wardrobe malfunctions in Tullamore and banjos going on fire in Headford. People have paid good money to see her, and she has sent them home smiling. And sweating, but that's the Irish summer for you.

rest of the article, where she talks about her experience with Damien Rice, the end of their relationship and her solo careerCollapse )

Also, the EskimoFriends board says, "Lisa will be appearing on the Tony Fenton Show on Irish radio station Today FM next Wednesday (September 3rd). You can listen in live between 14.30 and 16.30 (Irish time) from here."

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10 Days to Barcelona - Day 10 and Barcelona! [13 Jun 2008|02:01am]

It's over already :(  For anyone going to see him in Dublin with Leonard Cohen, hope you have a blast!  Report back if he plays any new material :D

Category: Music

(spain, cadaques)

still lost in cadaques



(spain, barcelona)

the road trip is over
10 songs were written
a bunch of recording is done

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10 Days to Barcelona - Day 8 and 9! [12 Jun 2008|04:03pm]



(france, les baux)

the mini needs a new water pump
we won't know if it can be repaired until monday or tuesday
so unfortunately we have to move on because we've been delayed 2 days
song 8 & 9 written

Day 1 and 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5 & 6
Day 7
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10 Days to Barcelona! [09 Jun 2008|11:18pm]

I'm never really sure whether to crosspost things here, but over on eskimo_friends, I've been putting up Damien's myspace entries as he tries to drive from Ireland to Barcelona in 10 days, writing 10 songs along the way for his next album!  They're a week into the trip now:


Category: Music

(france, les baux en provence)
juggling with fire in the medieval town
song 7 half written

Day 1 and 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5 & 6

Also, Lisa's started her first solo tour already, and what with her debut solo album coming out soon (hopefully!  they've finished recording it at least), I think it's time she had a place of her own on LJ.  She's deserved her own community for a while, but now that she's officially gone solo... it's definitely the right time to start one up.  So, I've created my_pirate_disco for all the latest Lisa Hannigan news. 

Please join, post, discuss and spread the word!!
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Fanarts [25 Apr 2008|07:23pm]

Few fanarts


The rest is here. 
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[28 Mar 2008|12:15pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Does anyone have the recording of Damien singing "Hallelujah" for Leonard Cohen's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction a couple of weeks ago? I just got the email about it, and I'd love to hear him singing that song.

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Leonard Cohen tribute [10 Mar 2008|10:05pm]

Damien just performed a tribute to Leonard Cohen at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony (Cohen's being inducted this year).  I couldn't catch video of it but it's now on youtube!  I did manage to grab the audio from the live stream though.

Hallelujah is a hard song to pull off, but he was pretty flawless!  (he looked adorable as well)

I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord...

Feel free to spread the link around, I don't mind so long as everyone gets a chance to hear him!

ETA a quote from backstage (from Billboard.com):

Damien Rice, who performed Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" just after Cohen's induction, talked to Billboard backstage about what makes the song so special for him. "There's an amazing connection between sex and spirituality, and it's something Leonard Cohen hints at in that song," he said. "It's almost like a Buddhist master giving you a hint, but not the whole story. You have to take that hint and go sit with it."

Rice added that he's presently in the studio in Los Angeles, but has no timetable to release his next album. "I'm just floating, seeing where the wind takes me," he said.
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long-shot [07 Feb 2008|10:00am]

Does anyone have a clean, radio edit of Damien Rice's "Rootless Tree"? Like the one found on this album, that you could upload to sendspace or something for me? Or direct me somewhere that I can buy the single track from in mp3 form?
I desperately want to perform a dance to it, but I can't with "fuck you" in the chorus. I don't want to buy the single from amazon either without hearing the edited version first.
Also, I don't think I want to use the piano version. Not enough power :)

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[28 Dec 2007|09:32pm]

131 Icons
+06 Johnny Depp/Tim Burton
+27 Wives & Daughters
+18 Damien Rice (& Lisa Hannigan)
+33 Romance Covers (credit)
+11 One Tree Hill Promos
+29 Gossip Girl Promos/Blair
+07 James McAvoy

+ rulesand info
+ comment and credit intracutaneous @ affairedevanite, please.
+ resources


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Damien Rice 09-07-07 [15 Oct 2007|03:34pm]

 Only a month and a week later, here is Damien Rice at Madison Square Garden Theater. 
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cross posted in eskimofriends: Damien at the Greek [21 Sep 2007|01:28pm]

was anyone at the show last night? what did you think? anyone manage to take some photos?
im trying to identify the rest of the songs he played (there were some new ones)-

blower's daughter
accidental babies
cheers darlin'
9 crimes
coconut skins
me, my yoke, and i

my favorite moment was definately when he played cannonball without a mic and completely unplugged.
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[11 Sep 2007|09:31pm]

i made 14 Lisa icons!!

Lisa Icons

more, here at my LJ

... [27 Aug 2007|11:08pm]

I made a basic Damien Rice mood theme. If you are interested to see it/have it then, please, click the link ->>  http://rainy-crossfire.livejournal.com/17880.html#cutid1
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pics? [21 Jul 2007|01:32pm]

I'd like to make some headers/icons etc. and I got a few pics from a friend, but does anybody know of any great Damo galleries out there on the net? I'd love to find some more stuff.
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123 [10 Jul 2007|07:55pm]

+12 Romance Icons
+20 [Grey's Anatomy]Addison/Kate Walsh Icons (fts some Maddison + Addisex)
+07 Damien Rice Lyric Icons
+52 Wives & Daughters Icons
+16 Robin Hood (BBC)
+16 Harry Potter London Premiere

+ rulesand info
+ comment and credit, please.
+ resources


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[29 May 2007|12:33pm]

Hey guys... Does anybody have a copy of Damiens song sand? I just recently came across it on youtube and now im in love with it!! If anyone has it and can share it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
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# 6 Damien Rice icons II. [20 May 2007|08:30pm]

[ mood | creative ]

just a teaser..
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